Where can I lodge a complaint against Telkom

Where can I lodge a complaint against Telkom

Where can I lodge a complaint against Telkom

This article will answer your question; Where can I lodge a complaint against Telkom. As customers, we get fed up with consistent bad service from a company we’re patronizing. Telkom has been offering top-notch services for many years but it’s expected that every company has its bad sides too.

Now you can contact Telkom for a bad service you’re experiencing, you can check our post on that; How do I contact Telkom customer care in South Africa. If you have done that and they’re not getting the issue solved or you probably want to report them to higher authorities then continue reading below.

Where can I lodge a complaint against Telkom?

The best thing to do is to report or lodge a complaint to Independent Communications Authority (ICASA). When you visit their website, register with your username and password as this would help you track the status of your complaint. A consumer complaint form is made available for you to download and fill. ICASA also deals with postal service providers and broadcasting service providers but since we’re dealing with Telecommunication here which is the third branch they also deal with, let’s look at the type of complaints you can lodge with them.

  • Complaints about network coverage; dropped calls; line installation, activation, transfer, and suspension; ADSL; mobile-number portability or suspension of service.
  • Complaints about the billing of data services, voice services, and international roaming


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