What does following mean on Facebook

What does following mean on Facebook

What does following mean on Facebook

Facebook is very vast when it comes to features The social media giant started off with adding people as Friends and later added the Following feature. To date, many people feel confused about these two features that mean almost the same thing. We will define this in two ways,

a. For personal Profile

b. For Facebook Page

What does Following mean on Facebook  

  • For personal Profile 
    When you follow someone on Facebook, you get to see their updates. You can be Friends with someone on Facebook but unfollow them to stop seeing their updates. Whenever you become a friend with someone on Facebook by default you will be following each other. The Following feature was introduced mostly because of people that have reached the 5000 friends limit, so you can follow them since you can’t add them again.
  • For Facebook Page 
    If you own a Facebook page some of your fans might decide not to Like your page but instead Follow your page. You don’t have to panic, your mission is to get engagement, they will still see your updates just like I explained earlier.

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