How To Transfer Money Using Nedbank Cellphone And SMS Banking

You will learn how to transfer money using Nedbank Cellphone And SMS Banking. Nedbank is among the top leading banks in South Africa though founded in March 1888, it is still one the latest banks to be incorporated. The head quarters is in Johannesburg and this time we are going to show you all the possible ways you can do your transactions in Nedbank without going through any stress or wasting your time in any way. Nedbank have many ways to do their transactions which is quite fascinating, they are as follows;

Mobile Banking

Nedbank App Suite

SMS Banking

Internet Banking

Using your Cellphone is the best and easiest way to do any transactions in a bank. The best part is that you can do it at your own comfort zone at anytime or anywhere. We will show you things you can do easily with your mobile phone under Nedbank.

How To Transfer Money or other Bank Transactions in NedBank Using Your Cellphone

SMS Banking: This is very simple because no internet is required only your phone and a mobile number which you must have registered with your bank account. The first code to dial is ∗120∗001# to begin any USSD transaction with Nedbank and also is the only to login to their SMS banking. A list of MENU appears after dialing that code which includes;

  1. Balance enquiry

  2. Payments

  3. Transfers

  4. Pre-Paids

  5. ChequeBooks

  6. Money Transfers

  7. Apply

  8. Help

#. Logoff

To transfer money or other enquiries select the one that suits you best by clicking on reply and then press the number from the options and click OK.

Mobile Banking

Their mobile banking method requires an internet connection, visit with your cellphone and then select the first option which is bank as you can see from the image above. Click on Login then input your login details as you can see from the image below.

Paying beneficiaries is simple through this website, once logged in you get to see the image below, then click on payments.

Click on Beneficiaries, add the account number and name of beneficiary, the payment date and the amount then click on submit. After clicking on submit the next thing you see is a page where check through the details before confirmation.

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Internet Banking with Nedbank

Internet banking requires you visit their website with your PC. Click on GO then put in your login details which are your profile number, pin and password. Once logged in you get to see the following categories;

Payments: Where you can send money to beneficiaries
Bank Enquiries: To generate a transaction statement
Transfers: For sending money using Nedbank Send-iMali
LOTTO: used for purchasing of LOTTO tickets
Prepaid Services: For purchasing of airtime and prepaid electricity
My eBills: For payment of bills

How To Add a Beneficiary in Nedbank through Internet Banking

To add someone as a beneficiary in Nedbank is simple and easy. When you log in to your account in Internet banking, then follow the below instructions;

  1. Go to Beneficiaries menu.

  1. Click on Add Beneficiaries 

  1. Fill in the details of the person you want to add as a beneficiary.

  1. Go through the details you filled to check for any error, if none click on confirm.

Nedbank App Suite 

This is the their mobile app which can be downloaded from app stores. For both iPhone and android users visit your app store and search for nedbank app suite to download the app. After downloading and installing the app, you will have to accept their terms and condition. Next thing to do is to identify yourself which is usually two methods; South African ID and Passport number, then create your 5-digit pin. Follow the rest of the instructions to complete the processes.

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