How To Transfer Money From Standard Bank Using Cellphone

In this article, we will learn how to transfer money from Standard Bank using cellphone. Standard bank is one of the top most bank in South Africa that was formed in 1962. We are here to teach you the easiest ways to bank with this amazing bank. Nobody likes to go to bank to join the queue just to perform a transaction. This time around its all about being in your comfort zone to make almost all transactions simply with your mobile phone.

First Thing To Do

To get started with standard bank cellphone banking, dial ∗120∗2345# to begin the processes. But make sure you have your card number and the usual customer PIN code.

Things you can achieve with this;

  1. To check your account balance

  2. It used for buying data and airtime both for yourself and anyone else.

  3. It used to play LOTTO and PowerBall

  4. For sending of Instant Money to anyone in South Africa with a cellphone.

  5. To perform once-off payments

  6. To transfer money from one Standard Bank account to another.

The good part of this is that there’s no monthly service charges. The code for airtime and data top up is ∗130∗2345# and its totally free.

Mobile Banking App

Another powerful way to transfer money is by use of mobile app. The difference here is that an internet is required and the app have to be downloaded from the app store which is mostly for Android users and iPhone users. According to their South African official website its stated that you won’t be charged for data as long as you are using Standard bank mobile app.

What to gain from Standard Bank Mobile App

There are many things to gain from using their mobile app which includes;

It is used for making international payments

Used for transfer of money to other bank accounts

Just as the one above, it is used to send Instant Money to anyone in South Africa with a cellphone.

You can open both savings and investment accounts.

This is getting better, it is also used to take care of your car loans and request a vehicle’s cross-border letter.

Using this app you can download your proof of bank account.

How to get started

This amazing app is simple to begin making use of it after downloading it. This are the things required of you to start using it;

  1. You need to set up your digital ID by entering your email address and creating a password.

  2. Then the second step is to link your card to your bank account.

  3. Lastly, kick of your banking processes with this wonderful app.

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