List of my friends birthdays on Facebook

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This post is about the list of my friends birthdays on Facebook. Birthdays are part of our lives and a big thing to celebrate every year. Facebook did a great job by adding this as a feature to their platform and it has helped many of us to remember our friend’s birthdays. We are going to show you how to see a list of your friend’s birthdays.

List of my friends birthdays on Facebook 

  • Click on Events located on the left side of your screen.List of my friends birthdays on Facebook
  • Click on friends birthdays
  • You will be able to see the list of birthdays you have for that day and the upcoming ones. You can click on the present ones to wish them a happy birthday.

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If you’re using your mobile phone and can’t access your birthdays from the Facebook app, kindly use your mobile browser and open this link and you can see the whole list of birthdays.

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