How to Watch SABC Channels For Free

how to watch sabc channels for free

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Do you know that you can watch SABC channels for free? Although SABC is government owned and required by law to cover as much of the South African population as possible some people still find it difficult to watch for free. However, the free-to-air broadcast is one of the primary means and is available to most of South Africa.

Before you have access to the SABC channels, there are certain criteria to be met. First is that you need to purchase a new TV set and/or an antenna. Even though most modern TVs come with in-built analog and digital tuners, an external antenna can still be very helpful, depending on your area of residence.

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You do not need the exact broadcast frequencies. More so, the exact channel per location depends on the nearest Sentech repeater. A modern TV set can auto-scan and memorize the frequencies of all the strong TV signals it can pick nearby. Below are steps on how to set up your television to watch SABC channels for free.

How to Watch SABC Channels For Free

  1. Free DTH Satellite
    SABC channels are also broadcasted direct-to-home (DTH) by Sentech on Intelsat 20 at 68.5°E: 11514 V. Although you may not have access to all 5 channels, you get to see the unencrypted ones (SABC News (HD) and SABC Encore).
  2. YouTube Channels
    All the SABC TV channels have their online channels on YouTube. They feature news, current affairs, documentaries, and the occasional live broadcasts by SABC News. These channels are entirely free on youtube, you only need data to access them on the internet.
  3. Open View
    This is a Free To View Direct Broadcast Satellite television provider in South Africa that offers some TV and radio broadcasts for free including some SABC channels. To enjoy the service, you need to reside in South Africa and purchase the start-up kit.


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