How to upload audio on Facebook

How to upload audio on Facebook

This article will teach you how to upload audio on Facebook. The fact is that Facebook doesn’t support audio files, but only video, text, and images. We at 247Howto never give up when it comes to how to do stuff, we believe that everything can be done and that’s what we are going to show you in this article. At the end of this article, you should be able to upload an audio file to Facebook though not in a straight way in an alternative way.

How to upload audio on Facebook 

  • File Hosting 

    There are websites you can upload your audio files to and share the link on Facebook.
    – Create a DropBox or Google Drive account, and upload your file.
    – Click on the share icon and choose to create a link.
    – Then share to your Facebook account.

    How to upload audio on Facebook

  • Conversion of audio files to video files 

    There are so many websites that help you to convert audio to video. You need to convert your audio files using them, a simple Google search can help you with that. Then follow the below steps.
    – The next thing to do is to add background art to the video such as your podcast or music cover art.
    – When you’re done with the above step, then upload to Facebook. This means your audio files will be playing while a fixed picture shows. Remember you might need a video editor.

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