How to transfer money using Bidvest bank

Money Transfer using Bidvest Bank

Money Transfer using Bidvest Bank

Bidvest Bank offers you money transfer services at an easier, more affordable, and safe pace. With Bidvest Bank giving you a choice of MoneyGram or Western Union, you can make both national and international money transfer to over 200 countries.

How to Transfer Money Using Bidvest Bank

To send or receive a Cross Border Money Transfer, you do not need a bank account and no forms are required to be completed. It is as easy as visiting a Bidvest Bank branch with your Identification Document. On return visits, all you need is your Identification Documentation and money transfer details and your money could be where it’s needed in 10 minutes.

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Money Transfer using MoneyGram/Western Union:

  • Visit a Bidvest Bank branch, with your ID (national ID, Passport, Asylum/Refugee seekers permit) and relevant documentation (risk profile dependent).
  • A consultant will capture your send transaction details and provide you with an 8 digit transaction identification number.
  • You would need to provide the recipient you have sent money to with the relevant Money Transfer reference number.
  • The receiver can then collect the cash from the relevant Money Transfer agent in the beneficiary country.
  • You can send and receive a Western Union money transfer using the Bidvest Bank Mobile App. All you need is a Bidvest Bank Grow Accountâ„¢.
  • On your Bidvest Bank App, navigate to Money Transfer and select Send.
    You would need:
    1. Sufficient funds in your Bidvest Bank Grow account
    2. Senders full name and surname as per their national identification document
    3. Country of receive

Sending money using Bank app/Online banking

  • Download the Bidvest bank app on your android phone/tablet.
  • Register with your email address, account number, and password.
  • after registration, login and then choose “Transfer” from the menu and fill out the necessary info.
  • For online banking, visit website and click on online banking. Choose whether it is personal or business internet banking and fill out the form.
  • log in your details and proceed to transfer to perform your transaction.

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