How to search for people online

Search for people online

Search for people online

Searching for people online can be very cumbersome and challenging especially when u are a novice in the field. Currently, there are many websites offering to help. While some will give you some basic information for free others may offer you a promise of more detailed information for a fee. Here are some basic steps which will help you find what you are looking for.

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  1. Use a Phone Number or Address for a Person: Many websites has people search or white pages which is often hosted by a phone company. Once you discover such sites, make sure you bookmark them. Then type in the name of the city/state where you think the person lives. Also type in the first and the last name of the person you are searching for. This helps the search to be narrowed down to the individuals with matching names.
  2. Try Social Networking Sites: Visit social networking sites designed to find people eg Facebook, Instagram etc. Type in as much information as possible about the person and see what kind of results you get. You may be required to join the website to enable you gain access to the information you seek. You can also take advantage of websites designed to provide information for who’s behind an email address, username or phone number, in addition to the name search function.
  3. Use a Regular Search Engine: Select a search engine that you like to use. Type the person’s name in the search field. If you know a city or state, add that as well. Remember, you are more likely to find people who are regular online users, celebrities, bloggers or writers with this method. But your search can also be easier if the name of the person is uncommon. If you are searching for a woman who might be married, try using both her maiden and married names.
  4. Use a Pay Service to Find More Information: Some of these pay service websites can help you find people online. Some of the results will provide you with information or direct you to a website where you can get information for free. For this method, it is important for you to read the fine print and consider whether the information is worth the cost before you pay. Look to see whether there is a guarantee; you want to know whether you can get your money back if it turns out that the information is about another person with the same name.



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