How to transfer money from Wise to Gcash

how to transfer money from wise to gcash

how to transfer money from wise to gcash

Transferring money from Wise to GCash is an easy and quick process. With the recent development in technology, money transfers can be done from your smartphone wherever and whenever. The Wise mobile app makes money transfer to GCash and other platforms quite easy.

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However, before you can make a transfer, you need to have a Wise account from which the transfer is to be made before you can perform the transaction. This article contains a detailed step-by-step process on how you can make your transfers from Wise to GCash.

Can I send money from Wise to GCash?

Yes, you can send money to GCash from a Wise account. Also, Wise offers you the opportunity to transfer USD to their own currency because they have lower fees than some other platforms like PayPal. You can also send it to PayMaya mobile wallets.

How To Transfer Money From Wise to GCash

To transfer money from your Wise account to GCash, follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the Wise app from Apple or Play store.
  2. Open your Wise app or visit
  3. From the open interface, Login to your account.
  4. Select “International” to convert the money to your own currency or choose “Same currency” otherwise.
  5. Select your recipient.
  6. Click “E-Wallet” and input the name of the account holder.
  7. Select “GCash” and input the account number of the recipient.
  8. Review the details and accept the Terms of Use.
  9. click “Your balance” to make the payment from the money in your account.
  10. Confirm your payment. The money will be received between 2 – 4 hours.



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