How to transfer data from 9mobile to 9mobile

How to transfer data from 9mobile to 9mobile
Etisalat used to be the name before it was sold and eventually the name changed to 9mobile. We are here to teach you how to transfer data from 9mobile to 9mobile. There are things you need to know as you read on, there’s a difference between the transfer of data and sharing of data.

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When you transfer data, it means you allocate a specific amount of data to someone, but when you share it means the other user join you to make use of your data. Read on to know the type 9mobile offers.

How to transfer data from 9mobile to 9mobile

The good news here is that 9mobile allows their subscribers to transfer data to their friends and family members. Follow the below method and also make sure you have already subscribed to a data plan. Make sure that you have a minimum of 100 MB before you embark on this quest.

Data Transfer

Dial 229recipient numberAmount Of data# or *229recipientAmount Of MBpin#. Your security pin is what secures your data and stops other people from carrying out this feature in your phone. The default pin is 0000, once you carry out the steps the other user gets to receive the data. You can send between 10MB and 50MB in each transaction, up to five times limit a day.


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