How to Subscribe for Airtel 4G data plan

how to subscribe for airtel 4G

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We are here to take you on the step by step on how to Subscribe for Airtel 4G data plan. Airtel has been a force to reckon with when it comes to internet browsing networks in Nigeria. Not long ago the 4G network came like a wildfire to Nigeria and everyone wants to get a taste of its amazing speed. The 3G lasted for many years and today it’s now viewed by many as a slow network, how time flies.

Airtel has made a good name for themselves as it’s seen as one of the cheapest data networks to subscribe for in Nigeria today, apart from Glo. Another special thing about them is their network is steady almost in every part of the country. Let’s head to the topic of the day.

How to Subscribe for Airtel 4G data plan

First, you will need a 4G sim before you embark on this journey. If your sim is not a 4G sim then visit any Airtel office or mini sim retailers near you to upgrade your sim. Secondly, your phone must be 4G enabled too.

  • Dial *141# to get started. The following options will appear;
    1. My Offer
    2. Buy a data Bundle
    3. Buy a Social Bundle
    4. Buy a Binge Plan
    5. Data Gifting and Sharing
    6. Check data balance
  • From the popup, select the second option which is Buy a Data Bundle by tapping the “Answer” option.
  • Press 2 and tap send.
  • The list you will see goes like this;
    1. Daily/Weekly Bundles
    2. Monthly Bundles
    3. Mega Bundles
    4. Binge Plans
    5. Social Bundles
    6. Ruter Bundles
  • Select one of those in the list and you will get to see their prices one after the other.

The above options clearly depend on what you need the data for. If it’s about social media, then you should go for social bundles but if it’s for normal browsing then use other bundles. For organizations, offices, and companies, Mega Bundles is the best option.

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