How to stop Wasp services on Cell C

How to stop Wasp services on Cell C

How to stop Wasp services on Cell C

Some mobile phone users may be encountering issues associated with WASP services but may not be able to tackle or stop WASP services because they do not even know what it is and how it works.

This article is specifically written to enlighten and educate you on how to handle issues with WASP services and stop them from interfering unnecessarily with your airtime purchase/subscription.


WASP services are used by different companies to offer different content to users through their wireless devices like smartphones. These contents include games, ringtones, videos, wallpapers, news updates, etc.

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WASP, which means Wireless Application Services Providers make your phone more useful by letting it access many resources. Subscribing to jokes, ringtones, or inspiration messages is possible because of WASP. However, the content provided through WASP resources is not free. Each service provider will charge differently to access specific content.

Sometimes you can accidentally subscribe to WASP without knowing it and this causes deductions from your airtime every time you top up.

How to stop Wasp services on Cell C

Here is how to stop WASP services, and in turn, stop losing money on your Cell C mobile phone.

Simply dial 1331# and then tap call to block all existing WASP services on Cell C.

You may also want to know the subscriptions on your Cell C mobile before you choose the ones to deactivate. To know how to check subscriptions on Cell C, dial 1331# and follow the prompts that will pop up on the screen. The Cell C subscription check will help you check the content you are subscribed to and decide which to keep.

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  1. I have cancelled and blocked my cell c content services which I did not even know I had. The problem is that I am still being billed for these services, what do I do as Cell C is useless and not able to assist.

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