How to stop getting friend requests

How to stop getting friend requests

Facebook is made up of more than one billion users. It was created for people to connect with their friends and it has been working that way. From time to time you tend to send friend requests to people you know and you also get requests from people you know. Due to the high number of users, you will definitely get friend requests from people you don’t know and this could be annoying.

Whatever the reason might be we are here to show you how to put a stop to this. Have in mind that once you get up to 5,000 friends you have reached your maximum. At this point, you can’t add people and people can’t add you again except you unfriend some of your friends.

How to stop getting friend requests

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to your Settings.

    How to stop getting friend requests

  • Under settings click on Privacy.
  • Find Who can send me friend requests and click on Edit.

    stop getting friend requests

  • Set it to Friends of Friends, once that is done the Add Friend button on your profile will disappear.

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