How to share data on Lycamobile UK

How to share data on Lycamobile UK

How to share data on Lycamobile UK

Sharing data with friends and family is a great feature introduced by virtually all mobile network providers. Our focus today will be on Lyca mobile and how this can be achieved. Sharing data is different from sharing airtime. When you share data with another subscriber that makes use of the same network as you, there must be an active data subscription on your phone.

How to share data on Lycamobile UKĀ 

If you’re on the new UK Plan Super Extra Bundle, you can share up to 1 gig with three friends. Your friends must also have 1pound as their minimum balance. Follow the below steps;

  • Firstly, dial *172# from your Lyca SIM.
  • Then enter the number you wish to share data to, and the country code (+44) must be added alongside the number.
  • Finally, enter the volume of megabytes you wish to share, that’s all.

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