How to send documents using messenger

How to send documents using messenger

Facebook messenger is made up of many things, you can send different files on it. Today we will be looking at sending documents to your Facebook friends through this nice chatting platform. This has posed a problem to smartphone users, but last time we wrote a post on How to send video using messenger. If you have tried to send a pdf or other documents with Facebook messenger you will notice it’s quite impossible. You can only do this through your Whatsapp or email which is quite easy to do.

Don’t give up, there’s a way to do this, though you can use the PC Facebook messenger chat to send this which is quite simple. Here’s the way to scale through.

How to send documents using messenger 

  • You don’t have to make use of this app but head to your phone browser, prefarebly Chrome.
  • In your address bar, type or
  • Once Facebook opens, log in and tap on Messages at the top of the screen.
  • Tap on the three dots at the top right corner and select Desktop Site.
  • Open the chat of the person you wish to send the document to.
  • Tap on Media from the options below.
  • It will now enable you to choose and send the document to the friend.

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