How to run a Facebook group

How to run a Facebook group

How to run a Facebook group

Facebook group is taking over gradually that the days’ people use to focus much on pages. Pages have become difficult to grow, especially spending so much money to build likes and also reach more people at the same time. In groups, you get what you need, and that’s getting people with the same interest as you.

The most difficult thing about having a Facebook group isn’t about getting enough members, but more of maintaining the group so that people won’t quit from your group. We will take it step by step, so you can learn how to run a Facebook group without much stress. Read the below steps carefully to understand how it’s done.

How to run a Facebook group


Just like any other business out there, you must have a reason why you want to open a group. This is the first step you need to be aware of while starting a group, without this first consideration your group will collapse even before it starts.


What do your members start to gain for joining your group, are you giving them important information they can’t find easily elsewhere? Every person out there wants to gain from something, so consider this properly.

Group name and description Optimisation 

If you don’t want people to join only by invitation then this step is very important for you. People search for things on Facebook and can find your group only if you use the appropriate keyword. For example, your group is about making money online in America, you should name it “Make money online USA”. Remember to make your group a Closed group so any unwanted member won’t just fly into your group.

Join other Groups

When you join other groups related to your niche, you will learn many things from there and also implement the same thing on your own. To see these other groups, a simple Facebook search can give you great results on groups you can join.


Being consistent is very important on your journey to success. Posting regularly is the key and should be arranged in such a way that people will know the kind of posts to expect on different days. When you post once a week your members will eventually get tired of your group and move on.

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Promote your group

Instead of waiting for people to join your group by themselves or being invited by other members, you can start promoting it yourself. You can do this promotion using the below methods;

  • Email newsletters
  • Any onboarding messaging
  • Website
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Paid social posts

Make use of posting features

There are many posting features you can use to keep your members engaging in your posts. Some of this features are; Watch Party, Polls, Photos, and Videos.

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