How to register on Rain network

How to register on Rain network

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How to get started and register on the Rain network is what we will be teaching you today. This article is for South Africans and we will make the steps easy for you to understand. Rain network has been around though not the most patronized but they still have a huge number of customers. If you have made a decision to start making use of this network, you’re not in the wrong lane.

How to register on Rain network

  • To get started, you need to visit to begin the process of registering your sim.
  • When the website opens, scroll down through the page and find the rain shop, select the products you need, and add them to the cart. Here you can customize the name of your sim and other stuff.
  • When you’re done, you will be taken to the delivery details page. Type in your delivery address.
  • Fill in your details, the website will direct you to the payment page where you can fill in your debit card details for payment.
  • When all is confirmed, the delivery will be made available to your address within 5 business days.

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