How to deactivate private number on Telkom

How to deactivate private number on Telkom

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To activate a Private number is cool especially when we want to be discreet in our conversations and dealings or we just want to stalk our spouse. There are many ways to make your number private these days and this could be fun. Sometimes starting something could be easier than trying to end it, and I mean trying to deactivate this feature.

Telkom is among the leading networks and our focus today will be how can change your number back to being public to those you call. You can learn how to solve this issue by following the simple steps below.

How to deactivate private number on TelkomĀ 

  • Check your smartphone to see if you activated the private number by mistake. You can check from your phone settings or surf online for your Android version and iOS version to see how to deactivate it.
  • Check apps like True caller, they have features to hide your caller ID when you call people.
  • If all this didn’t solve the issue, then contact Telkom by dialing 081180 on your phone.

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