How to plan a group cruise

Plan a group cruise

Plan a group cruise

Thinking of that special way to spend the holiday with friends and family? A group cruise is just the perfect way to give you all the bonding and fun you need. Group cruising has become a popular way for friends, family members or associates to travel together.

Though it requires careful planning with the majority being consumables and venue. No matter how challenging the job can be, we have got you covered. Carefully following the steps outlined below, the job of organizing your group cruise doesn’t have to be a full-time job.

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How to Plan a Group Cruise

  1. Decide on a cruise. First, you need to do some basic preliminary research on cruises before meeting with your group for the first time to begin planning. When you meet with your group, choose the dates of travel, the port of departure, the length of the cruise, and the cruise destinations collectively with everyone sharing their opinion.
  2. Make your Reservations. After you have decided on where to travel and date, book your reservations. Consider the weather and other travel implications when you book. For instance, Summer cruises might be crowded with families and children, which could be good or bad depending on whether there are kids in your group. Also, consider and negotiate cruise prices and amenities, as well as cabin options and possible upgrades.
  3. Book flights into the departure city a day early. This is especially important if you are flying out of a cold climate in the winter. You need enough time between arrival and embarkation. Do not let anyone miss the boat.
  4. Communicate with your group by email. Presenting your information in writing helps each person understand the important details, such as ports of call along the itinerary, when the deposit is due, what the change and cancellation policies are, and the due date for final payment.
  5. Get your group members involved in planning shore excursions. If your group is part of a larger group or chapter locally or nationally and would be open to having others join in the fun, advertise the cruise to all members via a newsletter or on your Website. Often times the more cabins you book, the more perks and upgrades are available to your group.
  6. Collect and make deposits and final payments on time. Reconfirm all details with your travel agent one month before the time and then again one week prior to sailing. Inspect all documents for accuracy.


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