How to pay online with Debit or Credit Card

How to pay online with Debit or Credit Card

Paying online with a debit or credit card is one of the easiest ways to make a payment online and even in stores. This days no one wants to be carrying cash around because it exposes you to thieves and also a big burden to carry lots of burden everywhere you go. There are two cards here which we will discuss and differentiate in this article, we have global payments and technology companies that take care of this services such as Visa and Masters Card.

Difference between Debit and Credit card

Most of the times we tend to confuse this two types of payment cards. I will explain in details their major difference because there are lots of similarities between them. Credit cards are the type of cards that you use to make payments but the money you are making use of is borrowed which you will pay back later when the time gave expires. While Debit cards are the type of card that’s directly connected to your bank account, so each payment you make is being debited or billed directly from your bank account. In conclusion, both of the cards are used to make payments.

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How to make an online payment with your debit card

Now I believe you already know how to make a payment at stores with your debit card, but we are here to teach you how to make payment online using your debit card follow the steps below.

How to pay online with Debit or Credit Card

  1. Look at the above image, the 16 digit numbers are the card number which you would see in the payment form.
  2. Below it, we have the expiring date of the card which is the month and the year, fill it too in the form in the required space it is requested for.
  3. Turn to the backside of the card you will see a 3 digit number, that’s what we call the CVV(Card Verification Value), fill in the required space.


Note: Please be careful with the way you handle your credit or debit cards because there are lots of fraudsters out there and please don’t allow anyone you don’t trust to have a free access to your card.

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