How to pay dstv using Bidvest bank

Pay Dstv using Bidvest bank

Pay Dstv using Bidvest bank

Bidvest Bank is one of South Africa’s finest commercial banks. It has a Grow Account which provides three accounts; a Day-to-Day Transactional Account, a Savings Account which offers the potential to earn interest on a positive balance, and an EasyEquities account to trade shares with, all managed through our cutting-edge Mobile App.

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You can manage day-to-day finances including paying for your DSTV subscription with the Bidvest Bank Mobile App. Here is how:

  1. From your mobile device (Android and iOS), go to the play store/ app store and download the Bidvest Bank Mobile App.
  2. Register your banking details (email address and password) and then sign up.
  3. Your account is then displayed and from the options choose DSTV subscription/payment.
  4. You can also log in to the Bidvest Bank website and then click on online banking. Fill in your log in details and then access your account to pay your DSTV subscription.


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