How to Load Minutes on a Tracfone

How to load minutes on a Tracfone

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There are various ways by which you can use to load minutes on a Tracfone. The method you decide to use may be the one that is most suitable and available to you. Whichever method you decide to use, the results are always the same.

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How to Load Minutes on a Tracfone

If you are using Tracfone mobile, here are some methods you can use to load minutes on your mobile phone.

  1. Purchasing an Airtime Card
    You can add minutes to your Tracfone wireless phone by purchasing an airtime card. The airtime card purchased could be regular airtime cards, smartphone-only cards, or unlimited smartphone cards depending on your choice. The regular Tracfone card works on any Tracfone device while the Smartphone-only cards can only be added to smartphones. The airtime values of regular airtime cards usually triple after adding these cards to Tracfone devices and the minutes you get will be valid for 90days.
    For the Smartphone-only cards, you will get a specific number of text and talk minutes. However, the unlimited smartphone cards come with unlimited talk minutes valid for 30 days.
  2. Buying Minutes From Tracfone’s Website
    You can buy minutes directly from the Tracfone website.  From the website, sign in to your Tracfone account. Click on the refill/add option and then select the pay-as-you-go/refill option. This then displays a popup message and you will be required to enter your phone number. Enter your phone number correctly, and then click on the view plans option. Select your desired plan and complete the transaction by making payments. You will then be credited the talk minutes.
  3. Calling Tracfone’s Buy Minutes Number
    You can add minutes to your Tracfone device by calling 1-800-867-7183. Follow the voice prompts to buy minutes and afterward make payments using a credit or debit card.


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