How to get cheap web hosting


Most things that come cheap don’t have quality, getting a cheap host is different from a cheap host with quality. There are so many cheap web hosts out there that won’t make you spend much to have your website online. The sad thing about it having a website is going offline from time to time. This experience won’t only frustrate you it will also frustrate your visitors because no one likes visiting a website that goes offline from time to time.

Another tricky thing about most hosting companies that offer cheap prices is that they tend to increase the price after the first time of payment and then you realize they’re no different from the costly ones after all.

Is Cheap Hosting the best option? An Inside Look 

When you’re just starting a new blog, have very basic website needs, or have a low traffic site, then cheap and basic web hosting plans can be a great option. These plans usually only cost a couple of bucks per month and will have everything required to support your site.

Cheap web hosting can come in a variety of different styles. But, the most common will probably be shared hosting. With shared hosting, you’re splitting the cost of the physical server with hundreds of other users.

How to get cheap web hosting

1. Hostinger 


This is one of the best and I highly recommend this company if you want to get a website online. It is one of the cheapest web hosting companies on the market today. A lot of hosts that offer rates this cheap end up having poor performance are unreliable. They have a very high uptime, super-fast servers, and 24/7 customer support. With a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to test out the service, you have nothing to be afraid of.

Few Issues 

  • The monthly hosting price will increase after your initial term is up.
  • The cheapest shared hosting plan can only support a single domain

2. BlueHost 


This is the most popular when it comes to web hosting and there’s definitely something about them that made them popular. They’re not the cheapest but they have the highest uptime ever. Currently, the cheapest shared hosting plan will cost $2.95 per month – that’s just 0.09¢ per day! But, to lock in this rate, you will need to commit to a 36-month plan. If you want to sign up for a less lengthy plan, then your monthly rate will be $4.95/month for a 24-month plan or $5.95/mo for a one-year plan.

Few Issues 

  • When its time renew you will have to be ready to pay a higher cost.

3. Hostgator 


This company has been in business for more than 20 years and is among the most popular hosting companies. They offer free migrations from another host that are included when you sign up for an account and have one of the best uptime, which means your website will rarely go offline. Their cheapest plan will currently cost you $2.75 per month, but to lock in this low price, you’ll need to sign up for a 36-month plan.

Few Issues 

  • Site loading speeds might be an issue because it is not a fast host.
  • Expect an increment after your initial contract is up

4. iPage 


This company has been in existence for more than 20 years but became popular recently. They offer one of the cheapest starter hosting plans out there, starting at $1.99 per month. Under this company, you can host an unlimited number of domain names on a single account.

Few Issues 

  • You pay more when you want to renew your hosting plan.
  • No free site migration that’s included when you sign up for hosting.
  • Don’t expect good customer support.

5. A2 Hosting


This hosting company has one of the best hosting speeds and overall server performance. Here you have the option to choose between multiple data center locations in the US, Europe, and Asia. Another powerful thing about their service is every plan is equipped with an anytime money-back guarantee.

Few Issues 

You are limited to host a single domain per hosting account, so no room for multiple sites.

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