How to get a job at Pinterest

how to get a job at pinterest

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Contrary to the opinion of some, getting a job at Pinterest is much easier than you think. You can actually turn that hubby of staying online and creating contents to a career that will earn you some cash. The good news is that the application and recruitment process are not as difficult as those of other major corporations.

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On Pinterest, you can actually work as a contractor, part-time, regular or as an intern. You can choose whatever works for you based on your availability and experience. There are also various job opportunities to choose from (administrative, accounts, tech etc).

Below are the steps to guide you on how to land a well paid job on Pinterest and enjoy the life of your dreams.

How to get a job at Pinterest

  1. First, you need to be registered on Pinterest.
  2. Log in to your Pinterest account.
  3. Use the search bar to locate jobs by adding keywords related to the job designation, department, employment type, and location on the Pinterest career page.
  4. Start searching from the lists available and choose as per your availability.
  5. When you find the job that suits you and you meet the requirements, apply.
  6. After your application has been sent in, prepare yourself for interview and get your presentation ready.  With your presentation, you will answer a few simple questions about your work philosophy, your career goals, and your educational background and work experience. Your presentation should stand out giving them reasons why you are the best person for the job. Endeavour to show yourself confident, trustworthy, creative and innovative.
  7. Once you’ve completed your presentation and interview, you will hear back from Pinterest within days.


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