How to Find Pinterest Clients

woman holding pinterest logo

woman holding pinterest logo

Finding clients on Pinterest can be frustrating when you lack the know-how. If you are a newbie in the Pinterest business, you may be finding it difficult to find clients and land jobs on Pinterest. This problem has been solved as this article aims to assist you even if you are a complete newbie.

Although Pinterest is a place of fun and socialization, it is also a place of money-making. You can actually grow your career or business on Pinterest if you have the knowledge and the skills needed. Some companies/businesses have increased their sales through Pinterest with the help of Pinterest Managers.

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Since Pinterest is not popular as Facebook and Instagram, getting clients may be difficult. But there are still companies that need a Pinterest marketing strategy to enable them to advertise their businesses and meet their target goals on Pinterest and make more sales. They ensure that you are getting traffic from Pinterest, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on other aspects of their business. The ability to provide this service is your first step in getting clients.

How to Find Pinterest Clients

To make it easier for you to find Pinterest clients, follow the steps below:

  1. Learn the skills in Pinterest marketing

    The use of Pinterest for business is quite different from its use for pleasure. To this effect, it is important that you get all the knowledge to go pro. For people to trust you to handle their online space on Pinterest, they need to know that you can do the job and they have to trust you to deliver.

  2.  Create and customize your website

    Creating a website for your business makes it easier for you to be reached by clients. Your website should be unique and portray the services that you can offer, benefits, and testimonials from past clients. This increases your credibility and chances of getting hired. Include your skills and website links to your portfolio.

  3.  Create a Pinterest portfolio

    Your portfolio on Pinterest presents you as a professional or an amateur. If you want to get clients on Pinterest, ensure you prepare an irresistible portfolio showing off your skills. Also, create a Pinterest page and grow the page to reach more people/clients.

  4. Carry out Competitive Analysis

    Carry out a proper competitive analysis to discover what other people who have like businesses are doing better. Take a peep at their website and tools to better yours. This will in turn open up more opportunities to get clients. It’s usually best to price in the middle, so don’t charge the lowest prices or the highest. Instead, aim for an equilibrium between the two. However, don’t forget to charge what you are worth.

  5. Market yourself and run ads

    Running ads on Google and other social media platforms helps to increase your chances of getting clients. These ads may be to generate leads or create awareness for your business on Pinterest. The ultimate goal is that the ad reaches your targeted audience and clients.

  6. Join Facebook groups

    Facebook groups are good platforms to find clients. Given that a good strategy to find clients is to go where they are, this means that you should consider doing the same. That said, don’t immediately start marketing yourself. The key here is to build trust in the community, by answering questions or offering advice that shows off your expertise.

  7. Consistent Pins

    Remember that perseverance and confidence are key to successfully landing clients. You may get a lot of nos before you get a yes, and that’s ok. Be enthusiastic and optimistic about your new career and your skills. Your enthusiasm is one of your biggest selling points.

  8. Message or email potential clients you see on Pinterest

    Approach companies and businesses who are likely to require the product or services you offer on Pinterest. There is no rule that says you must wait till they come to you. Reach out to them and let them know the benefits of getting your product/services.

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