How to close Tyme bank account

How to close Tyme bank account

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Tyme bank is among the well-known banks in South Africa. Unlike other banks, it’s a digital bank, and every service they provide is done digitally and this has caused many of its customers not to find it easy at times to process some transactions. This brings us to how you can close your bank account with Tyme bank.

Many have found this to be difficult to do, even to contact them haven’t been easy according to some complaints we got. Let’s get started with the solution.

How to close Tyme bank account

The best way to contact them is by giving them a call with the number they placed on their official Facebook page which is 0860 999 119. The second method is to send them a message on their Facebook page by clicking on Send Message. Finally, click on the tyme bank link to see more numbers you can contact them with.

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