How to claim Sanlam investment


How to claim Sanlam Investment

Sanlam Investments is an African personal wealth management & institutional Company with investment plans to help you meet your goals and dreams, while still enjoying the lifestyle you want today. To make a claim on Sanlam Investment, contact the Sanlam Life Claims Call Centre at 021 916 1710 and then follow the instructions below.

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How to claim Sanlam investment

  1. After you have contacted the Sanlam Life Claims Call Center to notify them of your claim, visit the official Sanlam Investment Website and select the relevant type of claim to access the appropriate claim form.
  2. Gather your information and supporting documents ( depending on the nature of the claim) such as your medical reports, death certificates, etc.
  3. Submit your claim form and the required documents.
  4. After this, your claim will be assessed and a feedback will be given soon after you’ve submitted your form or after we’ve requested outstanding information.
  5. If your claim meets the contractual criteria of your policy, your claim will be paid as a lump sum or an income, depending on the type of benefit that you have.

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