How to check BVN on phone

How to check BVN on phone

How to check BVN on phone

BVN means Bank Verification Number is a biometric identification system established by the Central Bank of Nigeria in alliance with the Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) to reduce illegal banking transactions. It is a code containing 11 digit number that acts as your universal ID in all banks in Nigeria.

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Many Nigerians have found themselves in a situation where they have been asked to produce their BVN but were unable to. The good news is that once you have successfully been registered, you can access your BVN any day and at any time.

To check your BVN, simply dial 5650# from the mobile number which was used to register your Bank Verification Number.

How to check BVN on phone2

You will receive a reply showing your BVN. This code works in all Nigerian networks.


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