How to check balance on Bidvest bank

Bidvest bank is a popular commercial bank in the Republic of South Africa. As a commercial bank there are so many transactions that go on daily but we are here to show you how to solve a particular problem. This issue is how to check your balance on Bidvest bank as a customer of this bank. Follow the below guidelines carefully to learn how it’s done.

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How to check balance on Bidvest bank 

You need to register for internet banking, if you have not registered you can use this link; After you’re done login with this link and follow the steps below;

How to check balance on Bidvest bank

  1. Select the “Accounts” menu and the “View balances” sub-menu.
  2. The following balances applicable on each of your accounts are displayed:
  • Current balance – this is the actual ledger balance on your account, in other words, the total balance. It includes the uncleared amounts, pledges, reserved amounts, and available balance.
  • Uncleared – these are amounts that were deposited into your account but are not yet available for withdrawal. A cheque that was paid into your account with a clearance period of 14 days would for example reflect as an uncleared balance until it is cleared. Until the amount is cleared, it forms part of the Current balance but not yet part of the Available balance. The minimum balance required on your account is also reflected as an Uncleared amount and does therefore not form part of the Available Balance either.
  • Pledged – when an amount is pledged as security, the pledged amount is not available to the client. An example would be when funds in an investment account are pledged as security for a personal loan, the pledged amount would form part of the Current balance but not part of the Available balance. These funds would only become available once the Pledge is removed on the account.
  • Reserved – these amounts represent VISA transactions that were authorized but not yet processed on your account.
  • Available – this amount is available for withdrawal.

That’s all about checking your balance.

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