How to Change iD Mobile Number

how to change iD mobile number

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If you find yourself in a situation where you need to change your iD Mobile Number then you do not need to fret because this article contains the necessary information you need to know how to change your iD Mobile number.

For starters, iD Mobile is a British mobile virtual network operator that makes use of the Three network. Its services were launched on 12 May 2015 and the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Currys plc. Until April 2018, service was also provided in the Republic of Ireland, again using the Three network.

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So with what we have gathered, changing your iD mobile number is achievable although the process may require some extra cost/charges. To completely effect the change of your mobile number on your existing contract, you will be charged an admin fee of £25.

To change your iD mobile number, follow the instructions below:

How to Change iD Mobile Number

People have often found themselves with a pressing need to change their mobile number due o several reasons like harassment. In this case, the change of your number can be done for you free of charge. However, you will be required to provide a crime reference number, which you’ll get when you report the harassment to the police.

Furthermore, you can contact the iD mobile Live Chat agents to get your number changed. This service is available from 9 am – 8 pm on Monday to Friday, and 9 am – 6 pm Saturday, Sunday, and bank holidays.

Also, instead of changing your mobile number, you may decide to transfer over a number from a different network to iD Mobile or from iD Mobile to another service provider or carrier. Simply get a PAC code from your current provider and move that number over to your existing account. You can do this by submitting your PAC in the iD Mobile App or you can enter your PAC online.

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