How to Cancel Unemployment Claim Massachusetts

US dollar bills placed on the US flag

US dollar bills placed on the US flag

Getting a new job in Massachusetts requires you to cancel your unemployment claim. It is true that when you find a new job you can no longer receive unemployment benefits, but you may still need to officially cancel your unemployment benefits.

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In Massachusetts, unemployment benefits are monetary assistance given to the unemployed. To be eligible for this benefit; you must be unemployed through no fault of your own, as defined by Massachusetts law. You must also have earned at least a minimum amount in wages before you were unemployed.

Receiving this benefit is not an excuse for one to be idle as you must be able and available to work, and actively seeking employment. Failure to do this will prevent you from receiving this benefit.

To Apply For Unemployment Benefits;

  1. Visit the UI official website.
  2. Follow the commands and enter your Social Security number twice as instructed.
  3. Proceed with the application by following the computer prompts.
  4. Set up a password as well as a security verification question in case you forget your password.
  5. You can also apply for unemployment benefits by phone call. Call the TeleClaim Center at (877) 626-6800.

How to Cancel Unemployment Claim Massachusetts

Follow the instructions below to cancel your unemployment claim in Massachusetts:

  1. Call or send a mail to your unemployment counselor letting them know that you have found a new job.
  2. Stop filing your weekly certification to stop payments from coming into your account.

This should be done immediately after you receive an offer of employment and an appointment letter to resume work. However, if you happen to receive an unemployment check while you are working, make sure to call your unemployment counselor to let them know. You may need to return the check.

Ensure you do this to avoid any possible penalties that you could be responsible for if you are found to be receiving unemployment benefits while working.


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