How to cancel a flight on Travelstart

How to cancel flight on travelstart

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Ever found yourself in a tight schedule where you may need to cancel your flight due to some circumstances beyond your control? Travel start offers an opportunity for its users to cancel a flight and still get their refund.

It is true that Airlines do allow you to cancel a flight ticket but you should be careful as these cancellation always carries a penalty. Some airlines charge you a cancellation fee or the full value of your ticket if you decide to cancel your flight. These cancellation fees are dependent on the airline you use. In some cases, an airline will refund you your airfare, but not the taxes. With Travelstart’s flight cancellations product, you get to cancel your flight and still get a full refund of your airfare and taxes.

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Note that your cancellation should be before the scheduled departure of your flight not after. However, if you missed a flight, you cannot cancel the flight.

How to cancel a flight on Travelstart

  1. Visit the Travelstart website.
  2. Search for your preferred flight and select your available dates.
  3. Complete the online form.
  4. You will then be taken to a page to customize your trip.
  5. Further down, select the Cancellation Refund product you wish to use then click Continue.
  6. You will then arrive at the payment area, where you can select your preferred payment method and book your flight.
  7. The processing of your refund will take six to 12 weeks, since the actual refunds are processed by the airline.

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