How to buy Facebook data on Vodacom

How to buy Facebook data on Vodacom

How to buy Facebook data on Vodacom

This article will teach you how to buy Facebook data on Vodacom. Most times we make use of Facebook so much and this tends to consume much of our data. Watching videos, pictures, and opening links consume much data. The truth is that Vodacom has no specific Facebook data bundle, instead, they have what we call Social Ticket.

You might ask what the meaning of Social Ticket is? This data package covers all social media sites which include; Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, Tik Tok, and of course Facebook. They also have another package known as Facebook Flex, which offers you access to Facebook for free but you won’t be able to view pictures or watch videos. Enough of the introduction and explanation, let’s get started.

How to buy Facebook data on VodacomĀ 

  • To pay for Social Ticket, dial *135# and select from the volume of data you wish to pay for.
  • For Facebook Flex, dial *111*32#.

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