How to buy electricity with Standard Bank

Standard bank is among the top banks in South Africa. The world has become a global village you can now do most things in the comfort of your home. All that is required is a network to communicate with the company offering the services all thanks to civilization. This post is for those residing in South Africa and that make use of Standard Bank. Follow the below steps to pay for your prepaid electricity.

How to buy electricity with Standard Bank 

For Mobile App users

Step 1: Open app

Step 2: Go to the “buy” option

Step 3: Choose the Electricity prepaid option

Step 4: Enter your amount

Step 5: Enter your meter number

Step 6: Review your purchase

Step 7: Confirm and verify your purchase

Online Banking Users

  1. Log in to your Mobile Banking you should be able to see Account Summary dashboard

  2. Click on Transact that can be seen at the top bar of the Menu.

  3. Click on Prepaid that is under Pay & Transfer.

  4. Click on Prepaid Electricity.

  5. Select the account to buy electricity from and Enter the Meter number.

  6. Enter the Rand Amount and click on Next.

  7. Confirm the details and enter the One-Time Password, the OTP will be sent to the notification method selected.

  8. Then click on Submit. You should see a green message like this; Your Prepaid purchase was successful.

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