How do i turn on birthday notifications


Birthdays are important in our lives and hence we always love to celebrate it. You are here because you can’t get birthday notifications of your friends and I know most times it doesn’t go well when we don’t wish our friends a happy birthday. No one will be happy when a close friend of yours doesn’t wish you a happy birthday especially when you think they have seen the notification over there.

Sometimes we may have this issue of not getting birthday notifications and as usual, 247Howto is here to teach you how you can turn it on. Follow the steps below.

How do I turn on birthday notifications

  • Log in to your Facebook profile.
  • Click on Settings located top right corner by clicking on the little drop-down arrow if you are using desktop. If you are using your mobile Facebook app click on the three horizontal lines by the top right side of your screen and select Settings.How do I turn on birthday notifications¬†
  • By the left side of your screen click on Notifications, for the mobile users scroll down to find it.birthday
  • Click on Birthdays.
  • Toggle the Upcoming Birthdays option to on.birthday notifications¬†

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