How do i turn off comments on my post

turn off comments on my post

There are times we don’t want anyone to comment on our post maybe because we just want them to read and not comment. We are going to explain this for you thoroughly so you get to understand if it’s possible or not. The truth is, this feature is possible and also not possible, i will explain it carefully to you. You can actually stop people from commenting in a Facebook group but unfortunately, it’s not possible from your Facebook profile status updates. There’s still a little you can do, read from the steps below.

How do I turn off comments on my post

  • If there are people whose comments seem offensive or not pleasant, then you can stop them from being able to see your post by clicking on Settings.
  • Click on Privacy.How do I turn off comments on my post
  • Click on Edit in the same line with Who can see your future posts?turn off comments on my post


  • Click on the Public drop-down button and select Friends except.turn off comments

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