How do i see my private messages

How do I see my private messages

Did you know there’s a secret folder that is located in your Facebook messenger? yes, of course, there is. Messages received from someone that’s not your friend will be notified by Facebook to make you be aware. Sometimes Facebook won’t alert you if this type of message comes in, they will go ahead and tuck it away into a hidden vault.

I discovered mine some time ago and was shocked to see many messages there. Read below and follow the simple steps to achieve this.

How do I see my private messages

  • Open your Messenger app.

    How do I see my private messages

  • You will see the ”New Message Requests” option, it appears above your normal chats with friends.
  • It will open and show you all the messages from people that are not your friends.

    private messages

  • The left side contains messages of people you may know while the right side contains spam messages.

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