How can I buy from Pinterest

how can i buy from pinterest

how can i buy from pinterest

Buying from Pinterest is cool but you need to know the procedures and how it works. People share a link of their products that leads to an external website away from Pinterest. The good news now is you can buy from Pinterest without leaving Pinterest at all and this is very simple. There are some Pins that have a Buy button below them if you’re accessing Pinterest from the United States or other countries that support it, with such pins you can complete your purchase through a checkout experience without leaving Pinterest.

These pins can also be called product pins and try as much as possible to look out for a verified badge. The merchants who have the badge have met the Merchant Guidelines which qualifies them to have it. Here’s what Pinterest has to say if you run into an issue with the merchant; While we work to make your shopping experience seamless, we’re not responsible for any disputes or issues you may have with retailers or products discovered on Pinterest.

This means purchasing an item through Pinterest might not be a bed of roses. You must have some level of trust in the merchant because a little risk is involved.

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