How to Create a Facebook Business Page

how create facebook business page

Learning how to create a Facebook Business Page is vital to your business. With more than 2 billion registered users on Facebook, there will be no better place to advertise your business than in this social media platform. We all become successful in our businesses when there’s an increase in sales, and this makes this site a place to look into if you want to make it.

We will take this time to teach you how to achieve this and improve your income.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page

Follow the instructions below and understand how this works;

  1. Open your Facebook app and logincreate facebook business page
  2. At the top right corner of your screen, you will see a rectangular shaped icon in the form of three lines, click on it.create facebook business page pics
  3. This brings out a dropdown menu, scroll down and click on Pagesfacebook business page
  4. Click on Get Startedhow create facebook business page
  5. Type in the Page name you want to create
  6. At the down part, select the Page Category and Subcategory
  7. Remember to add a short description of your page
  8. Click on Create Page

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Now that you have understood how to create a simple page in Facebook let’s head over to the main topic of the day. Please note that you don’t create a Facebook business page instead, you set it up. The page is where you create your ads and also monitor your Facebook ads. Visit this address to get started

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