How to study in South African University for International Students

How to study in South African University for International Students

How to study in South African University for International Students

South Africa is a beautiful country and also a well known developed country in Africa. There are things to know about this country before embarking on a journey to South Africa talk more of studying there. You might not know much about this country and that’s why we are here to help explain certain things you need to know about studying there. Towards the end of the article, we will teach you what to know about how to study at a South African university.

Things to know about South Africa before you study there

  1. Time management: You may have to adjust a bit in the way you manage time in the country where you’re coming from. The time for things on the campus may not really kick off as it was scheduled.
  2. Shoes aren’t that important: Many South African students and even their lecturers walk on barefoot, now whatever the reason may be just bear in mind that’s how it is there.
  3. Rugby: They so much love this sport so get ready to learn the rules.
  4. So Diverse: The country is really diverse in culture and languages. Having up to 11 official languages proves that the country and a population of over 50 million mixed with different races such as the Indians, Chinese, Europeans, and other African countries.
  5. Not too Safe: Don’t get me wrong, nowhere is safe in the world but always remember that South Africa has a high rating in crimes. You can read our post on How to be safe in South Africa.

Now that you have learned some things about the country let’s now focus on the real topic of the day, but you can still do more research about the country.

How To Study In South Africa As a Foreigner

Before we continue I believe there is some information you should be aware of especially concerning their university rankings. According to reports from QS World University Rankings University of Cape Town came first in the country having ranked 191 and followed by Stellenbosch University which is ranked at 361. That’s to show you how powerful their universities are and to tell you it’s of world standard. Without wasting much of your time let’s jump into what we want to let you know.

  1. Basic Requirements: There are basic requirements you must have before you qualify. Take a look at the snapshot below that was taken from SISA. They also can help you with the admission processes.
  2. Fees: The fees change with time and also depends on the university you want to study in, but from the recent updates from businesses you will see it ranges from R39,000 to R61,000.
  3. Accommodation: The accommodation is not that high following the cheaper rate of things in the country. With an average cost of R 8,000 (which is about 980 USD) per month, your accommodation can be taken care of and not only that but including bills, food, and a few other things.


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