How to use my time wisely

How to use my time wisely

How to use my time wisely

The only thing we don’t get back one it’s wasted is time. It is one of the most expensive things to waste and we are not growing younger but older. It’s paramount that we make good use of it at any point in our lives. This brings us to the topic of the day which is about how to use your time wisely. The below points will guide you on how you can achieve this.

How to use my time wisely

1. Wake up early

Most of the successful people you see around make use of this. The first few hours in the morning are very important and how we use it matters a lot. You need to learn to practice this morning routine once you wake up early.

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2. Create a Schedule 

This is another great way to manage your time in a good way. All you need to do is to use an online planner such as Google Calendar. This will ensure that you are able to access your schedule on your smartphone or PC anytime or anywhere.

3. Write it down using pen and paper 

The old fashioned way is still in vogue and remains one of the best ways to handle your time in an efficient way. You can get a diary, planner, or bullet journal to record your notes. One of the good things about this method is that you can take it anywhere you’re going and it’s not a device that could run out of power which makes you have access anytime, any day.

4. Make a Recording 

Not every one of us likes to write things down if you’re among this category you can simply make a recording of your voice. This could be done with your phone using recording apps. You could listen to them and remember how you planned your time.

5. Avoid keeping many friends

Having many friends could make you not to have a focus in life. They tend to distract you from your objectives and make you not to achieve what you intend to achieve. You can start by removing friends that don’t contribute any positive thing in your life, this will help you concentrate.

6. Reduce the entertainment 

It’s cool to enjoy your life but too much of everything is bad. Most of the time you use to watch TV, go clubbing and other stuff could be used for something meaningful. Take your time and study how you have been living your life and see a way you can make some adjustments.

7. Spend some time alone 

Whenever we spend some time alone we can use it to refresh our memories and think about how we have been living our lives so far. This could be the first thing you do before you begin to make use of other points written here, so you can understand how to use your time wisely.

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