How to transfer Telkom airtime

How to buy data on Telkom

We will be teaching you how to transfer airtime from a Telkom sim to another. You might want to share airtime with your friend, family members, or relatives, no need to start purchasing new airtime if you have enough to spare. Nearly all mobile network providers offer this service, and Telkom is not left out. Follow the steps below and learn how to do this.

How to transfer Telkom airtimeĀ 

  • No internet connection is required, just dial *180#.
  • From the list of options, select option 3 to Transfer Airtime.
  • You need to choose the amount of airtime you would like to transfer. These options come in Rand value.
  • Type in the recipients Telkom Mobile cellphone number.
  • Then confirm the transaction.

Once you have confirmed the transaction, you will receive a message confirming the airtime has been sent.

The other methods that you can use to transfer airtime are making use of your bank app or you can purchase a Telkom Mobile credit voucher and text the pin to the recipient.

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