How to stop someone from seeing my post

hide your post on facebook from a friend

We are here to show you how you can stop someone from seeing your post on Facebook. You might not know but there are many functions on the social media giant which you can make use of as you make use of this great platform.

There may be so many reasons behind it but I will show you the options of how to achieve this. Follow the below instructions and options carefully.

How to stop someone from seeing my post 

  • Block the person 
    This is one of the easiest way to stop someone from seeing your post. The only disadvantage with this option is that it unfriends them and also stops the individual from accessing your profile or even any form of communication. You can see where your blocked friends are on Facebook if you change your mind to block them.
  • Add them to a restricted list 
    This list is for those you don’t wish to unfriend but also don’t want to share things with. Those in your restricted list will only be able to see your public information (example: your posts and profile info you choose to make public) and posts you tag them in. To add someone, follow the below process;
    – Go to the person’s Profile
    – Hover your mouse on the Friend‘s tab located at the top.
    – From the drop-down list, select Add to another list.
    – Click or select Restricted.
    To remove someone from a restricted listHow to stop someone from seeing my post
    – Take a look at the left side under Explore and click on Friends List.
    – Click on Restricted

    facebook post

    – Click on Manage List

    hide your post on facebook from a friend

    – Select Edit List
    – Click X in the top right of their profile picture and click Finish to remove someone from the list.

  • Restrict the person from seeing your post 
    You can restrict a particular person from seeing your post. Take a look at the picture below to achieve that.restrict your friend from seeing your post

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