How to search for friends on Facebook

How to search for friends on Facebook

How to search for friends on Facebook
Facebook is a place for connecting with people that we may have lost contact with. It was initially designed to help people connect and maintain a relationship with their forgotten friends and family. One of the best ways to search for friends on Facebook is by the information they share publicly in their profiles, through this way Facebook will help you find them faster. Let’s kick-off to show you how you can achieve this.

How to search for friends on Facebook

1. Search your Friend’s name

Most people register for Facebook with their real names or nicknames. You can type in the name in the search address bar to start. Follow the below procedure to learn more about making use of this method.

How to search for friends

  • Just below the search bar select People to make your search more focused. This will remove other search results like events, pages, and groups.
  • Then the next step is to make use of the filters at the left side of your screen to target your search more. Here you can add the location and posts that are made by that name.

2. Search by the schools they attended

The schools they attended could be used to search for them if you’re not sure of their names.

  • All you have to do is type in the name of the school and click on the search button.
  • Choose the People tab, it will list people that added that school as the school they attended.

3. Make use of your Friend’s Friends

This is a great method too that you can use to find ar friend on Facebook. The individual you are searching for is also a friend to one of your friends on Facebook, all you have to do is visit your friend’s profile. Click on his friends’ tab and glance through the list or search the list.

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