How to Make a Conference Call on iPhone

make a conference call on iphone

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The good thing about the iPhone is that it has a feature whereby you can merge up to 5 people and convert it to a conference call. The good thing about this is that it is easier to make a conference call than taking much time to bring everyone to a room to have a meeting.

How to Make a Conference Call on iPhone

The first step to take is to call the first person then place the caller on hold. There’s an option known as Tap Add Call to give you the chance to make another call then merge them all, you add more people by repeating this process. To make it easier for you to understand we decided to explain it serially;

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  1. Make a call with your phone
  2. Tap Add Call to give you the option to make another call. This will put the first caller on hold.
  3. Then Tap Merge Calls to connect everyone together.
  4. Finally, repeat this process to call add more callers.

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