How to increase limit on Union Bank

How to increase limit on Union Bank 

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There’s nothing better than sending a money to a family, friend or business partner with ease. Technology has made it easy for people to send money just by dialing some few codes on their phone or through the banking app. If you’re a customer of Union bank you will notice you can’t transfer more than N5,000 which is the default amount. Most times we transfer more than that amount in our day to day transactions, and when we try to do that, we get this message from bank that we have exceded our limit.

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Am here to teach you how this can be solved as we always do at 247Howto, follow the guideline below to achieve this.

How to increase limit on Union Bank 

The fact is you can’t do this on your phone by dialling some codes like some other banks do. All you need to do is dial 0700 700 7000 or 012716816.

The next alternative is to visit any Union Bank branch close to you.


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