How to get insurance clients

How to get insurance clients

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As a beginner in the insurance business, it is always very challenging to get clients to grow your business. Whether you have prospects or still thinking of how to get in  touch with prospective clients near you, the steps you take in running your business can either make or mar you.

Sometimes, there may even be little things that you may overlook but they turn out to be the essential keys to growth of your business. This article contains business ideas that will always help you stay on top of your game in getting insurance clients.

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  1. Sell Yourself: The key step in selling yourself is awareness. You need to advertise your insurance business to make people aware of your existence. Put up flyers, newspaper publications, radio or any other form of advertisement. Also,  your dressing is also a way of selling yourself. Try to live up to your client’s expectations by appearing well-dressed and responsible. Whether you dress a certain way, have a catchphrase, or market yourself in a memorable manner, it’s important for your name to be easily recalled. Stand out from the crowd by being intriguing and unique, but not weird.
  2. Meet and greet as much as possible: Talk to as much people as possible. Attend social gatherings where you can meet the socially awkward, the most popular, and anyone else you can. Provide a firm handshake. Be very attentive when you meet people and try to remember their names. People feel obligated to learn your name if you are already calling them by their first name.
  3. Find out if your parent insurance company offers a direct mail program: This is a low cost per person contact method for potential customers, as well as a nice way to keep in contact with your current client base. Managing customer relationships can facilitate new clients seeing a business they may not be aware of, and your current clients are reminded you’re always there.
  4. Collaborate with a larger company: Become an agent of a well-known insurance company, and you can grow your business in part through familiarity of that company’s name. Pick a company that is really trying to grow their market. This means their rates are competitive.
  5. Referral programs: Give incentives to current customers and business colleagues who know what you do to refer their friends and acquaintances. Advertise the potential referral on all your social media profiles. Create referral cards with your agency’s information and the customer’s hand-written name. That way the customer can hand them out to whomever they desire. Include requests for referrals on all possible communication. If you send an email or a letter, be sure to ask your clients to refer you to someone who could use your services. Use your social media profiles to specifically thank anyone who refers you. Check with state and local law regarding referrals.
  6. Involve yourself with the community: By linking up with local businesses and causes, it shows a desire to improve the area and the lives of the people within. Endeavor to participate in local charity events by volunteering time or sponsorship in exchange for exposure.
  7. Create a website: If you are already a part of a larger company, they can usually help issue a page on their site. But if you are an independent agent, you have the liberty to create and design your website to your creative specifications. Do well to include a section that answers frequently asked insurance questions. You can also provide news-letter or email services that a client can sign up for, and receive periodic information about what your insurance agency provides. Include your phone and email to enable prospective clients reach you easily.
  8. Social Media presence: Establish a strong social media presence. Sign up with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media platform to make friends, get new clients, and obtain free advertising. The advertising works well on these platforms because your closest family and friends work help get potential new clients. Actively post and share relevant information with your readers. Keep your hours of operation current, as well as your contact and address information.
  9. Follow Up: Follow prospective businesses and clients online. With your professional account, follow others and engage them frequently. Like and comment on their posts. Retweet information that could relate to your business. Find ways to engage them whenever possible. After you’ve met someone face-to-face, make an immediate LinkedIn connection. View their LinkedIn profile for similar connections to see if stronger professional connections can bridge the gap towards obtaining new business.


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