How to find Pinterest boards

How to find Pinterest boards

Pinterest has boards and pins. Pins are used in pinning on boards, which means a board can have many pins on it. You can search for pins and you can as well search for boards. You can follow boards and receive updates of any new pin added to it. Searching for a board is very easy, follow our guide to see how it’s done.

How to find Pinterest boards

What are you looking for? 

You need to know what you’re searching for before you begin your journey to search for a board. What you need to is type the keywords related to it. Keywords for example include fashion, sports, entertainment.

Related Keywords

If you can’t remember the exact keyword you want to search for you can use a related one. For example, you’re searching for jewelry and you can’t remember this keyword, you can search for necklaces.

Your Boards

If you’re searching for your boards, click on your picture to go to your profile. Then click on the search bar, type what you want to search for, and click on the drop-down menu and select boards. See below pics for illustration.

How to find Pinterest boards

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