How to enable online payments on Revolut

how to enable online payments on Revolut

how to enable online payments on Revolut

Online payments have become the easiest and fastest means of payment in the 21st century. With online payments, you can easily pay for goods and services without physical cash. This article will educate you on how to enable online payments on Revolut.

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Although online payments are quick, card payments can take up to two days to be completed. This is because card payment is completed in two parts: At the time of purchase, money is deducted from your available balance and held onto it for the merchant (seller) to collect, creating a “pending” transaction. A few days later, the merchant collects the money and “completes” the payment.

Can Revolut be used for online payments?

Yes, Revolut accepts payments online at great rates. It is fast and easily accessible through the Resolut app. Although these payments can be made, there are some factors that can make you unable to use Revolut for online payments. These are:

  1. Imputing the wrong PIN/ expiration date/ CVC.
  2. Exceeding incorrect PIN/CVC trials OR
  3. Certain payment types (swipe, contactless) are disabled in your security settings.

How to enable online payments on Revolut

The steps below allow you to enable online payments on Revolut:

  1. Download the Revolut app on your Android device.
  2. Register for online transactions with your login details.
  3. Tap ‘Payments’ on the main navigation screen in the app.
  4. Select/enter the type of payment to enable.
  5. Select your beneficiary, choose the currency and amount you want to send, and add a note or GIF.
  6. Enable the payment and press ok.

Example: To make payments to Google Pay, Tap ‘Add to Google Pay’ and follow the simple instructions.
Pay with Google Pay. Hold your phone to the payment reader and you’re away.

Note that the account you’re paying to may not be able to accept certain types of transfer (i.e SWIFT or SEPA) or may have been closed at the beneficiary bank end. To make sure this won’t happen, make sure that you keep your recipient account details up to date. This is especially common for standing orders (recurring transfer).


How do I turn off Revolut online payments?

Just as you can enable a payment, you can also block a recurring payment directly in the app. Do disable payment:

  1. Login to the Revolut app
  2. Open the details for a specific payment by tapping on it in the ‘Scheduled’ tab of the ‘Payments’ screen, and select ‘Cancel’.

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